The Konkans

From Houghton Mifflin Harcourt USA, Portobello UK and Commwealth, Mondadori Italy, and Rupa and Granthayan India.

Francisco D'Sai is a firstborn son of a firstborn son — all the way back to the beginning of a long line of proud Konkans. Known as the "Jews of India," the Konkans kneeled before the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama's sword and before Saint Francis Xavier's cross, abandoned their Hindu traditions, and became Catholics. In 1973 Francisco's Konkan father, Lawrence, and American mother, Denise, move to Chicago, where Francisco is born. His father, who does his best to assimilate into American culture, drinks a lot and speaks little. But his mother, who served in the Peace Corps in India, and his uncle Sam (aka Samuel Erasmus D'Sai) are passionate raconteurs who do their best to preserve the family's Konkan heritage. Friends, allies, and eventually lovers, Sam and Denise feed Francisco's imagination with startling visions of India and Konkan history.

Filled with romance, comedy, and masterful storytelling, The Konkans leaves us surprised by what secrets history may hold for us if only we wonder enough to look.

  • Florida Silver Medal for Fiction
  • The Washington Post 'One of the Best Novels of the Year'
  • The Christian Science Monitor 'One of the Best Novels of the Year'
  • Publishers' Weekly 'One of the Best Novels of the Year'
  • Poets & Writers Magazine 'One of the Best Novels of the Year'



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